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Add Daylight Dies’ first album in four years, A Frail Becoming, to the list of ridiculously awesome metal that will be released this fall. When our digital promos arrived, Vince and I simultaneously dispatched MetalSucks Mansion Monkeys to the opposite wing of the estate to exchange bro-fives without even realizing the other had done the same. (The monkeys were later executed for the redundancy, as is custom at MSHQ.) You would think that of all these bands releasing what feels like their first album in for-ev-er would totally screw the pooch, but none of them have. A Frail Becoming isn’t the Daylight Dies album I thought I wanted — it’s better than that.

Case in point is album opener “Infidel,” which is now streaming over at The Deciblog. While listening to the song for the first time, my initial thought was “Damn, this is really fast by Daylight Dies standards.” But the song was so goddamn good that I immediately fell in love with it, despite not being especially doomy or even moody a la “Dismantling Devotion” or whichever DD song; that guitar-chug-sputter gets my heart racing every time I listen to it. Totally rad.

Headbang here, then weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section below. A Frail Becoming will be released October 9th on Candlelight.


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