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The NO ZODIAC album is out; you are fucking moshing

  • Sergeant D

The NO ZODIAC album is out; you are fucking moshing

I don’t know what they are putting in the water out in Chicago, but whatever it is seems to be the secret ingredient to breeding sick moshcore bands. Following up on the likes of DEMOLISHER, MONSTERS and ROOKS, the current generation of bands like WAR HOUND and HARMS WAY bring the mosh hard. The newest addition to the city proud lineage is the debut LP from NO ZODIAC, which goes so so fucking hard that it’s a late contender for 2012 album of the year imo, combining super-ignorant mosh parts with DEVOURMENT-inspired death metal riffs– the results are just as br00tal as you could hope for.


In this video, the NxZ guys dress up in ski masks and fitted hats (with hologram, of course) then kidnap a bunch of people and set them on fire. Not sheriff their victim in the DESCENDENTS hoodie is a boy or a girl, please respond.

The title track and my personal favorite song from the album. Can’t decide which makes my dick harder: the DEVOURMENT-style breakdown at 1:45 or the part at 2:20 where they break down that breakdown (the meta-breakdown).

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