They Have White Trash in Norway?

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’ve never been to Norway, and like foreign lands I’ve never actually visited, I mythologize it in my head in ways that are ultimately probably condescending. In this instance, because when I think of Norway I think of photos of burning churches and bands standing around in the woods, I kind of assumed that the entire country was really just one big forest with a mixture of pretty cool dudes and really ignorant ones. And while the bad news is that means you get guys like Varg Vikernes, the good news, there is no Honey Boo Boo. There’s a kind of purity to that, y’know? The world has always had bigots, but white trash is really, in the scheme of human history, a newer phenomenon.

Well, nuts to that romanticized-but-ridiculous fantasy about Norway — ’cause I just watched Norwegian outfit Shot to Hell’s new video, “White Trash Metal Brigade.” And the title ain’t lying: if you just observed their straight-brimmed hats, bandanas, ironically-colored sunglasses, and love of (presumably alcohol-infused) energy drinks, you would have no idea that these bros aren’t from the U.S. They even make neanderthalcore like they were from the Northeast circa 2004. It’s really quite remarkable how assimilated they are. Varg must be so proud.

There’s like two seconds of boob in here, so maybe don’t watch it at work.

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