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Exclusive Track Premiere: East of the Wall’s “I’m Always Fighting Drago”


Exclusive Track Premiere: East of the Wall’s “I’m Always Fighting Drago”

Last year, Hurricane Sandy destroyed Translator Audio, the venerated New York studio that has been utilized by any number of awesome bands, including (but not limited to) Pelican, Cave In, Unsane, Made Out of Babies, Keelhaul, Rosetta… and MetalSucks faves East of the Wall, who recorded their 2011 masterpiece, The Apologist, at Translator.

Now EOTW is trying to help Translator Audio get back on its feet by releasing a demo version of a new song, “I’m Always Fighting Drago,” which we are thrilled to be premiering right here on MetalSucks. Although the track marks the debut of the band’s new line-up — guitarist Ray Suhy and guitarist/vocalist Greg Kuter join pre-existing Wallers Seth Rheam (drums), Matt Lupo (guitars/vocals), and Chris Alfano (was guitar/vocals, is now bass/vocals) — “I’m Always Fighting Drago” still demonstrates the elements that made us fall in love with East of the Wall’s music in the first place: a willingness to go anywhere and try anything in the name of rocking. And rock they do. As an MS commenter might put it, “Awesome song is awesome!”

Stream “I’m Always Fighting Drago” below! You can purchase a digital single of the song here for just $3 (or more, should you see fit); proceeds will go to helping Translator Audio. Not only does the digital single include this demo, but it also comes with ex-All Parallels vocalist Larry Chiswick’s acoustic cover of “Century of Excellence,” which originally appeared on EOTW’s debut album, Farmer’s Almanac. You can also donate to Translator Audio at this link.

The final version of “I’m Always Fighting Drago” will appear on East of the Wall’s new album, which will be recorded this spring and then released on Translation Loss later this year. Tour dates for the band are coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!!!


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