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Today in Metal Bands Making Beer: Iron Maiden and Pig Destroyer

  • Axl Rosenberg

In the past year alone, Slayer have released a wine and both Motörhead and Municipal Waste have unveiled their own beers. It’s not really surprising that bands have started to brand alcohol for ancillary profit — it’s just surprising that it took so long for people to think of it. It’s possibly the most metal-friendly merchandising concept since the electric guitar.

Now two more bands are going to try their hand at heavy metal hops. The first is Iron Maiden, who announced Trooper Ale via the below video…

…and the second is Pig Destroyer, whose Permanent Funeral Ale comes courtesy of Three Floyds, the same brewery responsible for Municipal Waste’s aforementioned Toxic Revolution Stout Ale.

Pig Destroyer Permanent Funeral Ale


Without having actually tasted any of these beverages, I am ready to predict that Pig Destroyer’s will be the best, for the following reasons:

  1. Awesome utilization of Book Burner album art for the label.
  2. Awesome utilization of J.R. Hayes’ lyrics for the description on the label.
  3. Everything Pig Destroyer does is awesome.

If anyone has actually had/does actually have any of these drinks, drop me a line and let me know how they are. I’m sincerely curious.

Thanks: Brooks

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