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Did Evile Write a Song About Ra’s Al Ghul?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Evile Al Ghul

I got really excited when I saw that the title of the new Evile single is “Head of the Demon,” because, as a massive Batman nerd, I thought the lyrics might be inspired by the character of Ra’s Al Ghul, whose name is Arabic for “Demon’s Head.” (And don’t laugh at me for being such a dork. Apparently, I’m not the only person to whom this thought occurred.)

Unfortunately, some references to “immortality” and “sand” aside, I don’t see much evidence that the song actually has anything to do with one of The Batman’s most devious and cunning foes. Bummer.

I will say this, though: “Head of the Demon” is the best Evile song I’ve heard in ages, regardless of its lyrical subject matter. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before (this is Evile, after all), but it’s really, really catchy. One listen and it got stuck in my (demon’s) head. Check it out:

“Head of the Demon” will appear on Evile’s new album, Skull, which comes June 11 via Century Media/Earache.

[via Metal Underground]

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