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Here’s the Extended Trailer for Metallica’s Through the Never 3D IMAX Film


Metallica Through the Never Poster

Axl’s made his opinion on Metallica’s forthcoming cinematic debut well known, but it won’t surprise longtime readers of MS to learn that my own opinion is a bit different (after all, we don’t always agree on everything here at the Mansion): I’m at least curious to see what this thing is all about. Metallica are the biggest metal band of all time, right? They’re rich beyond their wildest dreams and presumably have plenty of money to throw at this thing, right? Even if their modern day musical output has been less than stellar we’ve always got their live performances, which continue to be captivating to this day — right? So IMO we should at least give them the benefit of the doubt and come at this thing with open minds.

Here’s the recently released official theatrical trailer for Through the Never, released via the film’s official website:

The band appeared at Comic Con in San Diego this past weekend to talk up the film and generate press, so naturally there’s now some footage of Papa Het talking about it. Watch:

So, I’ve watched both of the above and I’m still kinda confused: how is the live footage going to tie into the greater plotline? Is the plotline’s main character supposed to be at the same live concert in question, or is it more of a loose connection whereby the filmmakers are cutting between a concert and a story that’s loosely based on it? It’s unclear, and the ambiguity could be for better or for worse depending on the tack they take. But hey, we’ll see. If nothing else, the filmmakers don’t seem to have skimped on the special effects… lots of ‘splosions!!!

Through the Never will open in IMAX 3D theaters on September 27th and follow in traditional theaters on October 4th.

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