Show Us Your MetalSucks: At Shibuya Station, Tokyo, Japan


metalsucks t-shirt


Longtime MS reader Greg recently took a trip to Japan and snapped the above shot in the middle of the famous intersection just outside Shibuya station, in Tokyo. Greg strokes our boners for a trip to Japan of our own by telling us we’ve got to visit at least once and describing it as “Amazing / overwhelming / challenging / memorable” and assures us that he saw advertisements for Babymetal. A live Babymetal concert experience might put our planned Japan journey over the top!

Since Greg’s MetalSucks t-shirt is quite obviously the main attraction of the above shot, we’ll reward him with a goodie package featuring a bunch of cool metal swag we’ve got lying around the MS Mansion. We’ll do the same for you, too if you send us shots of yourself donning MS garb. Email your photos to news[at]metalsucks[dot]net.

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