Sh*tf*cker: Funny Name, Unfunny Band


I got wwwwaaaayyyy too excited when I learned there was a band called “Shitfucker,” because, frankly, I have the sense of humor of an eight-year-old, and the very thought of someone fucking shit makes me giggle. And the fact that their new album is called Suck Cocks in Hell? Well, that only made me wanna like ’em more.

Unfortunately, these dudes are, as far as I can tell, trolls. Unlike some other hilariously-monikered bands — Fuckhammer, Lake Bukkake, Anal Chainsaw, etc. — their music is not at all good (or funny, for that matter). It basically sounds like black metal n’ roll as recorded in an echo chamber located up a dog’s pee hole. And they have the stupidest album art ever. Please note that I said “stupid,” not “offensive.” I’ll explain momentarily.

Shitfucker - Suck Cocks in Hell

The use of a swastika isn’t clever enough to be funny, and it’s too dumb to be offensive. Especially when considered alongside the statement which accompanied the release of the album art — which refers to the symbol as a “Shiswastifa” and declares that it’s illegal in Germany — it seems pretty clear that the band is actively trying get a rise out of people (thus, my accusation that they’re trolls). The other possibility is that we’re dealing with a bunch of morons who don’t understand satire, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and just call them trolls. And, hey, obviously it’s worked to some extent — I am, after all, writing about them — but it hasn’t worked in that by this time tomorrow, 99% of everyone who reads this will have forgotten about Shitfucker as anything other than this kinda silly thing that they read about while procrastinating at the office this week.

Shitfucker’s Suck Cocks in Hell comes out on Whocaresember 12 on We Lost a Bet Records.

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