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Jam This Metal Cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie”


Justin Timberlake

Musician savant Andy Rehfeldt, whose work we’ve posted quite often over the years, is best known for taking metal songs and turning them into elevator music ditties. But what happens when he takes a well-known pop song and makes it metal?

Rehfeldt gives Justin Timberlake’s smash hit “Suit & Tie” a metal makeover in his latest treatment, and the results are unsurprisingly very entertaining. The video element provides a fun twist, too; I’d be all in favor of today’s metal frontmen performing dance moves like this on stage. Shit, Top Frontman in Modern Metal Greg Puciato might have some pretty sick stage moves but he ain’t got nothin’ on JT.

[Huff Post, via MetalGF]

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