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Necrophobic’s Tobias Sidegård Responds to Family Abuse Allegations


Necrophobic Tobias

Earlier today we reported that Necrophobic vocalist Tobias Sidegård had landed in jail on charges for abusing his wife and children. Now Sidegård has written MetalSucks directly by email in an attempt to clarify the matter. Here is his email in full:

Hey! I saw the shit you are writing on your page. I’ve been set free after second appeal in higher court. Will get my judgement in 2 weeks and did really  well in court, sooo. Most of the stuff you are writing about is stuff that I havent even been accused for. Some of it I even PROOFED being untrue in the investigation. The picture you put up shows a INFECTED eye and had nothing to do with me. I wasnt even charged for it in court. I’ve been fucking innocently accused and never hit a woman in my life. Take that link away straight away and appologize. What you’re doing is called defamation and is illegal. I will sew your asses otherwise.



We have no way of verifying what is and is not true with regards to Tobias’ claims vs. those of his family, so we’ll just have to let the events pan out in court and see what comes of them. That said, take the above information as you choose. We again refer you to Metal Insider, who broke this story earlier today and has translations of court documents to back up their claims.

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