Juggaho Suing ICP ‘Cuz Dey Tried to Give ‘Er Da D


ICP Sexual Harassment

Whoop whoop! Yo, so check this shit out. There was this Juggalette named Andrea Pellegrini working as a lawyer and publicity person for ICP’s label, Psychopathic Records. And Dirty Dan, this fresh ninja who works at Psychopathic, Dirty Dan, tried to give this Juggalette some clown love get all romantic n’ shit with her: he told he wanted to “fuck her” with his “fat cock,” bought her a dildo when she changed her Facebook status to “single” ‘cuz single Juggalettes be needing dem shits, y’know, and he even got some other fresh Juggalettes in the office neden tighteners, which is what a true homie does — makes sure his killas is in shape n’ shit.

But yo, so check THIS shit out, right? Andrea Pellegrini turns out to be a Juggaho, not a Juggalette. So she was like “Yo I am not down for this erotically charged work environment,” the ninjas as Psychopathic were like, “Damn yo that’s too bad ‘cuz that’s how we run our business so there’s the door” n’ shit.  And now she’s suing ICP for “wrongful termination.”

Which is WEAK. Like yo OK so some ninjas was trying to give her snaps and show her MMFWCL and she wasn’t into it, that ain’t no reason to freak out n’ shit. If it’s ‘cuz she got cherry pie or cotton candy, Juggalos can be sensitive to that shit, ain’t no reason to pretend she don’t want the D. Just drink a bottle of Faygo and CHILL baby, ya heard???

[via TMZ by way of Metal Insider]

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