F*ck the Facts Bassist Marc Bourgon Can’t Afford Being in a Band Anymore; Says “F*ck It,” Keeps Being in a Band Anyway

  • Axl Rosenberg

Marc BourgonLike too-many metal musicians, incredibly tall bassist Marc Bourgon (Fuck the Facts, Greber) has, tragically, not become a rock star and gotten really rich and been able to snort coke off of groupies’ tits all day instead of working for a living. Unsurprisingly, then, Bourgon has released the following statement announcing his non-departure from FtF:

“It’s with a heavy heart that i finally have decided to keep playing music. Why?!? I could never afford to do it in the first place. To tour with a band in our size, you actually lose money on each and every tour. For us, the expenses is always higher then the income, and if that wasn’t enough, I also need to take time off from my day job, which means absolutely no income at all during the period of a tour, plus the extra expenses I get from the tour that do not get covered by the income generated by that tour. Life is hard, right?

“The one thing I love doing the most with my band is actually being on stage performing for you guys. But my passion for the music simply won’t pay my bills, and I’ve never expected it to. And as we all know, the record industry is suffering and album sales are lower then ever.  So the only way to grow your band is to do new albums and tour like hell… If you are lucky enough, one day you will be at a level where you actually get paid for your job. I think I have a better chance winning the Powerball.

“Neither do I see an option to not stay with FtF and never record albums, seeing as I like it and I wouldn’t trade it for financial stability in a million years.

“So with this being said, I am now remaining in the world as a ‘professional’ musician.

“A big thanks from me to all the fans that have been supporting us through the years, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic for being a super professional dude, and last but not least, all the crazy and awesome guys in all the bands we have had the honor to tour with. Cheers!!!!”

Bourgon is just the latest in a series of talented musicians who make metal because they love it, and not because they make any money from doing it. Although rumor has it that his family has repeatedly attempted to persuade him to start a pop group or a dubstep project or at least join a band that sounds more like Five Finger Death Punch and thus has a chance of selling some records, reports indicate that Bourgon has reportedly laughed off these family members’ adorable “non-metalness” and continued being a part of the Canadian grindcore outfit anyway.

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