Cinemetal Round-Up: New Videos from Revocation, Black Sabbath, Kataklysm, and The Pretty Reckless


I’m going to put about as much effort into this introduction as Lucas Mann puts into making Guitar Pro sound like an actual guitar.

First up today, we have the new video for “Fracked,” from perennial MetalSucks faves Revocation. The clip, which debuted on Bloody Disgusting, makes it clear that the song is about Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” and not the band’s love of Battlestar Galactica. It reminds me of old Megadeth videos from back when Megadeth were still cool: it’s not most polished video ever produced, but it has a good message, and the music is awesome to boot.

Moving right along: Black Sabbath’s “Loner” video is pretty much the perfect representation of this band in 2013. Which is to say, it’s boring and predicated on a total denial of the fact that Ozzy Osbourne has less life in him than the Tupac hologram, and about as much genuine skill.

Next up, we have Kataklysm’s new video, for the song “Elevate.” This clip feels really massive, even if some of the digital effects are less-than-ILM quality; it’s also got the band as zombies and blood and gore and lotsa other metal shit. Hey, it may not reinvent the wheel, but you can’t accuse the band of not understanding their audience!

And we conclude today with “Going to Hell,” from The Pretty Reckless. Unsurprisingly, the clip is an extremely slick affair — like the anti-Revocation video, really — that puts a lot of emphasis on vocalist Taylor Momsen’s body. Insofar as this kind of thing goes, though, I think it’s not terrible; I’ll take this over In This Moment or Halestorm or whatever any day of the week. And not just because I really love the movie Saving Shiloh.

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