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There May Be Hope for New Anata Yet!!!

  • Axl Rosenberg

Necrophagist Studio Update LargeI wrote an article called “Proof That the New Anata Album is a Really Real Thing”… in 2010. It contained clips from the long-fabled new Anata album that were already old at that point. Now it’s basically 2014, and the album still hasn’t come out. Their last album, The Conductor’s Departure, was released seven-and-a-half years ago. That’s not quite as long as it’s been since Necrophagist’s Epitaph, nor is it as long as it was between Anthrax’s We’ve Come for You All and Worship Music. But it’s definitely up there. Especially when you consider how long six-and-a-half years is in the metal world. To put it into narcissistic context: The Conductor’s Departure was released six months before we started MetalSucks. So, yeah, a lot can happen in seven-and-a-half years.

So, like, what the hell, dude? Heavy Blog is Heavy reported that the band was dunzo back in April, but we somehow missed it. Which is good, ’cause a) it saved us some tears, and b) it allows us to move directly to this lukewarm news, also reported by HBiH, that although there’s still no release date for the band’s new album (which may or may not be called Greed Conquers All), they don’t appear to have broken up, either.

See, the break-up news was the result of this post on the Facebook page of the band’s label, Earache:

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.59.02 AM

But now it seems that someone named “HD,” who we can safely assume is Anata bassist Henrik Drake, has left the following comment on this post, suggesting that hashtags of the band’s demise have been greatly exaggerated:

“Well, here is what really happened. We did not have our advance (half recording budget) from Earache to ever start the recording. We did so spending our own money. Then we asked them to have our advance as well as money to finalize the mix (vocals to be quickly added). There was no interest from Earache. We did not offer them an unmixed instrumental album.we still want to release this album.”

Okay, well, that’s a shitty situation in which to find oneself. But might I proffer a solution? CROWDFUNDING, dudes. I would happily donate some money to help get a new Anata album out into the world, and I don’t think I’m alone. Someone please get these guys hooked up with Indiegogo STAT, okay?

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