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This Cover of Lorde’s “Tennis Court” Needs More Breakdowns


When I clicked on the link in a press release touting Intervals/Raunchy vocalist Mike Semesky’s cover of “Tennis Court” by 17-year-old pop phenom Lorde I fully expected it to be a great vocal performance, since Semesky has primo pipes and has released some impressive vocal covers in the past. I also expected to have some level of metal tomfoolery; a fiercely growled line here, a completely unnecessary breakdown there, ya know? Unfortunately I was correct only in my first assumption: this is just a straight cover of the song, no embellishments or shenanigans. I am disappoint! Semesky is still a better vocalist than 99% of the rest of us, but I feel like this is a squandered opportunity. Dude might want to consult his former collaborator Drewsif Stalin on how to make funny faces and do giraffe-like headbobs.

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