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BREAKING: New Suffokate Vocalist Has Sick Ear Plugs!


Suffokate / John OlivaWe attempted to predict who’d replace departed vocalist Matty K in Suffokate but we had it all wrong! Fret not, though: the new vocalist has appropriately sick ear plugs. Or used to, rather: now he’s just got big floppy holes in his ears. If he’s feeling over the whole stretching-your-earlobes thing maybe he should talk to ex-ex-Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover about his earlobe reconstruction surgery?

In any case, according to MS tipster Cameron G., the new vocalist’s name is John Oliva and he made his live debut with the band at the HESRFest at The Workshop in Ceres, CA this past Sunday, April 20th. We haven’t been able to verify the vocalist’s identity, but the above photo comes from photographer Caroline Nava’s Facebook page and is labeled “Suffokate” along with the above show details, so we’ll just have to take Cameron’s word for now.

Sick lobes, brah! Great life decision that’s finally paid off and will propel you to new levels of fame!

Oliva used to play in These Streets and Enmity. Here’s a video from the latter, although from the above photo I can’t really tell if it’s the same dude or not (earlobes do look about right though):

So, in conclusion, that happened.

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