Satanic Temple’s Oklahoma State Capitol Baphomet Monument Looks Exactly the Way You Thought it Would


In January, we learned that Vital Remains vocalist Brian Werner was leading The Satanic Temple’s charge to put up a seven-foot-tall statue of Baphomet at the Oklahoma Statehouse — a reaction to a statue of the Ten Commandments placed at that same location in 2009 (other groups that did their part to battle the complete lack of separation between Church and State included the ACLU and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Werner and his fellow Satanists even started a crowdfunding campaign to pay for their monument, and raised a whopping $30,000 grand to do so.

And now it looks like the damned thing is almost finished! According to Vice, an unnamed “artist trained in classical sculpture is toiling away” on the monument, which will eventually be cast in bronze. And, oh, hey, they’re making a mold of the thing, too — because The Satanic Temple “has received numerous threats from people who want to attack the sculpture,” and according to spokesperson Lucien Greaves, the mold will allow them “to pop these things out like evil, terribly expensive action figures whenever they need a new one.”

Vice has also supplied some photos of the work in the progress. Unsurprisingly, it looks exactly like the initial mock-up for the project, which was unveiled as part of the crowdfunding campaign.

Here’s that mock-up again…

Satanic Temple’s Oklahoma State Capitol Baphomet Monument Looks Exactly the Way You Thought it Would

…and here’s a photo of this most blessed work-in-progress:

Photo by Jonathan Smith
Photo by Jonathan Smith

So when is this stupendous piece of art going up, you ask? Probably not anytime soon: Vice says that “Unfortunately, the state has placed a halt on issuing permits for any other monuments until a lawsuit filed by the ACLU against [the aforementioned Ten] Commandments monument is settled.”

While we wait patiently and pray to The Dark Lord to get this shit worked out, check out more photos of the sculpture here.

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