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Video: Australian Lifeguard Mistakes Black Veil Brides Members for Women


So apparently Australia has a reality program called Rescue Bondi, which is basically a non-fiction version of Baywatch filmed at Bondi Beach. A recent episode featured a lifeguard rescuing two members of Black Veil Brides. The lifeguard initially mistook the Black Veil Briders for females, which I actually don’t find all that funny — his error was really only due to the band members’ long hair and lithe frames… I mean, it’s not like they were wearing their make-up in the water, and it’s not as though there haven’t been plenty of not-irritating rock stars who were androgynous.

Even less funny, though, is the fact that the lifeguard let a chance to rid the world of the Black Veil Brides slip through his fingers. Although it’s not included in the below footage, the lifeguard was apparently so distraught after realizing his error that he willingly fed himself to a pack of dingos. And so, once again, a life is ruined by the Black Veil Brides. When will someone finally put an end to their reign of terror???

[via The PRP]

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