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Catching Up With Persekutor


PERSEKUTOR - ARCTIC CROSSWhen we last spoke to Transylvanian black metal duo Persekutor, they had just released their debut EP Power Frost, comprised of two old-school dirges chronicling their lives as Satanic frostbite-riddled methamphetamine-smoking goat-herders. Since then, the band—Vlad the Inhaler on guitars and vocals, Iron Slasher on bass, and recent addition Inverted Criss on drums—have released a four-song EP entitled Arctic Cross, which sees the band embracing an eerie new production sound while still championing their brand of lo-fi stripped-down black metal menace.

When I contacted the band to check in on their progress, Vlad the Inhaler found time between creating mournful black metal and herding belligerent goats to answer MetalSucks’ questions.

How was the public response to Power Frost? Did you guys get a lot of media attention in Romania? 

We are getting like five reviews worldwide, but mostly good! A lot of peoples is focusing on cover art for some reasons. But Romania media is not knowing we exist. We are doing one interviewing with Romania metal website many months ago, but they are never posting.

 Has anything changed for Persekutor since we last spoke? New members? More meth? Any more digits lost to frostbite?

We are having new drummer on one new track we record. His name Inverted Criss. Is nice to have real human guy for drums again! He is from US and A, is playing with us on very cool cover we complete for special compilation release. Announcing all details soon…

No more frostbite, many thankings to Satan for this. Amphetamines is always nice possibility, especially in summer when we spend many long day with goat.

Have any metal bands from Romania or elsewhere contacted you about shows or splits?

We have split in works with US and A band Endless Blizzard. Our track is complete, Endless Blizzard still working on his. Will be special concept release about Blizzard of ‘78 and Blizzard of ‘79. Last step is finding label to put this out!

Do the people of Targu Mures know of Persekutor? I feel like I have this mental image of Transylvanians being gypsies or hardcore Christians, neither of whom seem like big black metal supporters.

Some of the peoples are knowing, like shitty neighbors. Yes. They are not being thrilled of black metal of course. Most are hating gypsies more than Persekutor, but can be difficult to tell. They are not saying comments to the face, but we are knowing of their hate. We give them finger of course. Cannot worry about neighbor when so much to do with goat.

When did you guys begin writing Arctic Cross?

Is difficult to remember, but not long after Power Frost I think we start making new songs.

What was the recording process like? Where does Persekutor record? 

Recordination for Persekutor is like going to tooth doctor. You get shot up with drug, sit in chair for long time and when all is complete, your mouth is hurting and brain is not thinking straight. We are recording in practice barn with Bathory poster and naked photografications of Aletta Ocean on wall for inspirations.

Is the Arctic Cross an actual cultural symbol, or did you guys create it yourself?

Arctic Cross was created by we, but inspired by Russia emperor Peter The Great’s many battles against the Turks. Epic!

 “Winter’s Meat” sounds a lot like “The Twitching Hour”, but the first two songs sound a little trippier. Was that intentional?

Like same shitty recordination? Is similar this way, yes. Maybe “Winter’s Meat” is nicer quality. But only intention with Persekutor is to make best black metal of Romania in the old style.

What’s the story behind “Black Death Punk Skins”? I love the chorus—“It’s just rock and roll.”

Is song about many faction of hard music – black metal, death metal, punk, skinhead rock. We are listening to ALL of these but some peoples are very cunty about this. They are saying they are “troo kvlt,’ black metal only, but we call thems what they are: Whiny bitch. Lyrics says “it’s just rock n’ roll” because some peoples need to pull heads out of asshole and just feel the power of the music before worry about what they are calling it.

 With a second album out now, do you have to focus more time on Persekutor than on goat herding? Is herding still your primary activity?

Goats is life. Taking up all time of summer with many demands. Goat need exercise. Goat need water. Goat need to make a shit. Then time to milk goat. If you are not doing this right, goat is kicking you in testicles. They are yelling always, never shutting up of the hairy face. But soon they are resting. Fall and winter is time for Persekutor actions.

What’s up next? Is there new Persekutor material? Do you have any plans to tour around Transylvania or Europe at large?

As mentioning before, two new Persekutor tracks complete. More beginning when summer dies. Touring hopefully soon!

Is there a snowball’s chance in Hell we’d see you in America any time soon?

Hopefully soon! Still waiting for Abbath to send e-mail…

Listen to Arctic Cross on Persekutor’s Bandcamp page

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