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Persekutor’s Vlad the Inhaler Picks His Favorite Sleazy Bands


In the annals of rock and metal history, there are tons of artists that refuse to maintain a squeaky clean image. Rock and metal are supposed to be down, dirty, and dangerous. Yet only some artists really lived that ideal.

With their band’s second album Snow Business set to release tomorrow, sleazy Transylvanian “black metal-meets-hard rock” outfit Persekutor sent lead vocalist Vlad the Inhaler to the MetalSucks compound to share their favorite, most sleaziest artists ever to walk the Earth. After trashing the place and calling our moms a buncha mean names in his broken English accent, here’s the list he came up with.

Snow Business will release via Blues Funeral Recordings tomorrow, June 23.

GG Allin & The Murder Junkies

“My rock n’ roll is not to entertain, but to annihilate.” This is what GG Allin is sayings in infamous 1993 documentary Hated. Known for cuttings himself onstage, throwings his own shit at audience, and sometimes fightings them, GG Allin was sleaziest punk of all times. Hated director Todd Phillips would goes on to make big money comedies like Old School and The Hangover, but best scene he ever shootings is prostitute pissings in GG’s mouth.

Favorite track: “Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat & Crucify”


The first time I am hearings Brainbombs, my head is explodings into a million pieces. It was the Obey album from ’96, but I am probably not hearings until ’98 or ’99. With songs like “Lipstick on My Dick,” “Anal Desire,” and “Fuckmeat” has you any doubts that they is Sweden’s kings of sleaze? Also instead of lyric sheet in album, they are includings excruciating essay about guy slowly hammerings a metal spike into his thigh. Whats the fuck?

Favorite track: “Die You Fuck.”


From nose to toes, Scissorfight is knowings where it goes! These guys is playings outlaw New Hampshire rock with extra thick low ends, calling it “speed doom.” They is writings songs about porn star Jeanna Fine (“Fine Me”), busting nuts (“Shewolf,” “Balls Deep”), and lustings for that sweet booty (“Planet of Ass,” which is featurings classic line, “Don’t think you seem to understand, I’m gonna fucks you in the can!”). But also they are havings songs about stick fighting monkeys, drunken hangmen, and rockings so hard you piss you pants!

The Mentors

Say what you wants about the Mentors, You Axed For It! is one of the sleaziest albums ever create by humans! Lead vocalist El Duce was champion of sound and vision. If you are not hearings them, I won’t spoil this fun, just give you some song titles teaser: “Sandwich of Love,” “Golden Showers,” “My Erection is Over.” Peoples probably say “Four F Club” is misogyny or somethings—and they is probably right—but those peoples are not havings sense of humor. Which is definitely requireds for this band!

Favorite track: “Free Fix”


Naked ladies onstage, throwings raw meat into audience, sawblade codpiece, writings song called “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast”), “On Your Knees,” and “L.O.V.E. Machine”… is there anythings not to loves about the drunks AF sleaze hounds that is W.A.S.P.?

First album is fucking classics for me, not a single shitty track to be founds. My US and A friend Scott is callings W.A.S.P. “hanging chord metal” because is amazing that a band with zero riffs can have so many killer songs!

Favorite track: Is tie between “Tormentor” and “Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)”!

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