Must-Stare: Monster Magnet’s New Video Goes Nuclear (nsfw)


Monster Magnet The Duke

The best scenes in Sin City 2 were starring Eva Green as a black widow and her prey, a chump played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt I think (I remember nothing else about the movie). Played by a perfect Green, she seemed mega-evil, superhuman, and way beyond the usual reckless sadism of attractive women. She was hateful, perfidious, homicidal. Hers was a mindblowing fraction of a flat narrative, so maybe you are wishing that those scenes could be re-cut into their own mini-movie.

In the meantime arrives the new video by Monster Magnet for their upcoming redux album, Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of ‘Last Patrol’. It’s for the reworked version of “The Duke (Of Supernature)” titled “The Duke” and wow the video is pretty awesome. Like Sin City 2: Just Eva Green, it tells the story of a horrifically destructive superbabe and her slave; it too is mega-dark, eye-popping noir animation; and it too clocks in at around seven dazzling, sexy minutes that tickle and terrify your wang. The video (below) is so rad that you forget to listen to the jam, to its differences from the proper Last Patrol version, to its awesomeness. Oh well, that’s what the album is for.

Monster Magnet’s Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining of ‘Last Patrol’ is out November 14 via Napalm and is awesome. Order it here

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