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“The Knife”: New Ghost Brigade Song Neither Sucks Nor Blows


Ghost Brigade - IV - One with The StormOn the one hand I totally get what a bummer it is when a once-fucktastic band becomes a total limp-dick drag, but on the other hand, eh, whatever: we don’t need Metallica anymore because we have Revocation, we don’t need Morbid Angel because we have Gojira, and we don’t need In Lame because we have an awesome new At the Gates album and an awesome new Ghost Brigade album to fulfill our painfully-catchy melodeath needs.

Regarding the latter: our friends at El Decibelio have premiered “The Knife,” the debut single from those fraktacular Finns’ latest offering, IV – One with The Storm. It is metal’s answer to a great back rub: a little rough, sure, but it also feels so damned good. It’s also a real foot-tapper. Why can’t they play this when I’m in the checkout line at the drug store? It would be SO MUCH LESS OFFENSIVE than whatever the crap that stupid song about learning to love again is.

Stream “The Knife” here. Ghost Brigade’s IV – One with The Storm comes out November 7 on Season of Mist, and can be pre-ordered here.

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