First Jason: The Keytartastic Metal Band Featuring the First Actor to Play Jason Voorhees


first jason ari lehmanAlthough non-horror nerds and people who haven’t seen the original Scream may not realize this, Jason Voorhees, the infamous hockey-masked serial killer who terrorizes an endless parade of teenagers in the Friday the 13th movies, was barely in the franchise’s debut entry. His mother, Pamela, is the killer in the original Friday. Jason really only pops up — literally! — for one last scare in the final scene:

Brooklyn’s own Ari Lehman was fourteen was he played Jason in the original Friday the 13th, and he didn’t play the character in any of its twelve sequels — which makes sense, since Friday the 13th Part 2 came out just a year after the original, but finds Jason (now wearing a pillow case with one eye cut out — the hockey mask didn’t show up ’til Friday the 13th 3D) as a fully-grown adult (or fully-grown immortal serial killer, I guess). Still, as you might expect, Lehman has no qualms about continuing to exploit his very, very, very small amount of fame for all its worth.

Case in point: he has a metal band called First Jason. In which he plays a machete-shaped keytar. And, oh yeah, this is the cover of the second album, Heed My Warning:

First Jason - Heed My Warning

Also as you might expect: the band is funnier in theory than practice. There’s a reason most of us have never heard of First Jason, and it’s not due to some conspiracy by the cult that took control of Michael Myers.

Still, I have nothing but respect for Lehman. For one thing, because he scared the ever-lovin’ crap outta me when I was a kid. And for another thing, because if there’s one thing in life which is always true, it’s this: the world needs more keytar players.

Learn more First Jason here.

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