I Love Myself Enough to Check Out the Cloudkicker-Intronaut Hybrid Band’s New Song and Video for Myself

  • Axl Rosenberg

Cloudkicker - Live with IntronautAnd so, once again, the differences between Vince and myself can really be boiled down to a pair of MetalSucks posts: Vince, like the true hero he is, took one for the team and watched the new Hacktivist video, and I didn’t even know there was a new Hacktivist video because I made an e-mail rule that all messages containing the word “Hacktivist” go right to the junk folder. I’m happy to be writing about the new video for Cloudkicker with Intronaut’s “Push it Way Up!”, but I would have watched and enjoyed this video regardless. Hey, I never claimed to be selfless!

So, about that Cloudknaut video: so, okay, visually, it’s not the most stunning thing ever (although I could watch Danny Walker play drums ’til my eyes fall out). But holy cheese and crackers, the music! The idea for Ben Sharp to finally get out on the road, utilizing Intronaut as a “backing band,” was so fucking brilliant. Thank Halford someone thought to record it and release it. Who knows if these dudes will ever get to jam together again, so at least we have the bestest souvenir imaginable.

Watch “Push it Way Up!” below, courtesy of Metal Injection, who premiered the clip earlier today. Cloudkicker – Live with Intronaut, a live recording that the band put down to tape at The Fathom Tree studio in Texas on an off-date from the tour, comes out November 24.

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