Revocation’s New “Deathless” Video is the Next Best Thing to Being in the Van


revocationWhile I generally find most music videos comprised of footage of the band doing their thing on the road incredibly boring, I really enjoyed watching Revocation’s new video for “Deathless.” Maybe it’s because I really like Revocation’s music and all the dudes therein, and I’m biased — I concede that is entirely possible!

But I also think there’s something else here. Rather than just being a bunch of random clips of dudes doing random things assembled together in a haphazard fashion, this video captures what it’s really like to be on the road, every part of it. Van life, loading in, warming up, playing a show, hanging out with fans, and, of course, partying. Not that other “road life” videos don’t have all of those things, but I feel as if this “Deathless” vid has been done in a close-up fashion that really lets the personality of each member shine through. Rather than being an outside observer, I feel like I’m there with them.

Again, I’m aware that it could be my giant woody for Revocation speaking here.

My only regret is that there’s not enough Phil Dubois-Coyne, since the drummer was sidelined with an injury during most of the filming with Jon “Charn” Rice (ex-JFAC) filling in. No disrespect for Jon, he’s great, but Phil is a character and surely would’ve added even more spice!

Watch the David Brodsky-directed clip below, which premiered via Metal Injection. What’s the over-under on how many times he saw Brett’s dong during the filming of this video?

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