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Holiday Gift Idea: The Burning Church Snow Globe

  • Axl Rosenberg

This, once again, proves that genius is the simple idea which somehow no one has ever thought of before: Century Media is now selling a burning church snow globe for the holidays. And, in tr00 metal fashion, it’s limited edition — only 500 will be made, and they’ll be hand numbered, natch. It’s $35 all-in including shipping, which is actually a lot cheaper than the going rate for other snow globes made with real glass. Who knew?

You can head over to the purchase page for an artists’ rendering, but CM were nice enough to send us this actual photo of the finished product… note the “fire” emitting from the church windows.

burning church snow globeOf course, one could make an argument that it’s in poor taste to make a toy based around a real-life crime. One could also go fuck themselves.

Buy yourself one of these bad boys here.

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