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Go “Downward” on Meek is Murder

  • Axl Rosenberg

Meek is Murder 2015When I recently wrote about the new Meek is Murder EP, Onward, and its debut single, “Outward,” I somehow neglected to mention that the theme of the EP is basically “movement as defined by the adjective suffix ‘ward’.” You may have very well put that together based on the name of the EP and the name of the song, and even those of you sitting in the proverbial cheap seats would probably have become suspicious upon learning the title of the second publicly-released track from Onward, “Downward.” Still, it seemed worth mentioning…

…especially in light of the fact that “Outward” and “Downward” are two very different songs with very fitting titles. Whereas “Outward” was just a quick burst of barely-controlled-chaos followed by a brief bit of elephants marching, the grindcore equivalent of an excited puppy being taken for a walk and then finding itself exhausted, “Downward” is more like losing your footing during a hike: you’re walking, you’re walking, holy shit the ground just gave way with no warning, you’re falling, you’re falling, you’re falling, you’ve fallen, fuck that hurts, fuck that hurts, fuck that hurts, fuck my life, fuck that hurts. I could be reading too much into this, but it’s almost as though Meek is Murder have actually given this shit some thought and not just slapped random-ass titles on the songs. Hmmm

Check out “Downward” below, courtesy of Alternative PressOnward will be released as part of a set with the band’s previously-released EP, Into the Sun, on May 5 via Rising Pulse. Other song titles on the EP include “Inward” and “Upward,” but not, alas, “Burt Ward.”

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