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Monolord: The Doom For What Ails You


Monolord - VaenirThe #1 reason I need Cvlt Nation in my life: to keep me in the know on all things DOOM. While I can’t say I dig every single band they post, there’s no doubt that I’ve found about more up and coming doom bands from Cvlt Nation than from any other single source… by a long shot. They’ve got their finger on doom’s sweaty, beer-soaked, stoned as fuck, pulsating heart.

Case in point: Monolord, whose new track “We Will Burn” Cvlt Nation premiered last week. Here’s what I like so much about it: it’s got dynamic. The repeating riff that carries the first two thirds of the song is all aces, duh, a headbanger if ever there was one, and the heavily effected Sabbathian vocals compliment the mood perfectly. But Monolord know not to overstay their welcome, and just when that’s at risk of happening they switch things up completely with a triumphant, Tom G. Warrior style “Ooo!” thus kicking off another riff that’s even more triumphant and fierce than the first, carrying the song to its coda.

Check out “We Will Burn” below. Vænir comes out on April 28th via Riding Easy Records and can be pre-ordered here. The title track of the record can be streamed here.

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