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“Upward”: Started at the Bottom, Now Meek is Murder Here

  • Axl Rosenberg

Meek is Murder 2015Having already pushed listeners “Outward” and dragged them “Downward,” there was nowhere for Meek is Murder to go but “Upward.”

The third publicly-released song from the trio’s latest offering, Onward, is probably my favorite. In standard MiM fashion, it’s very short (eighty-nine seconds), and it rewards multiple listens. Producer Kevin Bernsten (Magrudergrind, Mutilation Rites) really nailed it on this EP; you can concentrate on any one of the band’s musicians (vocalist/guitarist Mike Keller, bassist Sam Brodsky, and drummer Frank Godla) and have a completely different experience of the song each time. They’re all doing some crazy, unexpected shit without calling undue attention to that crazy, unexpected shit, so that the song still works as a cohesive creation. It is, in a word, boss.

Check out “Upword” over at DecibelOnward will be released as part of a set with the band’s previously-released EP, Into the Sun, on May 5 via Rising Pulse. Other song titles on the EP include “Inward” and “Upward.” International fans will also get the bonus track “Sela Ward.”

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