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Diesel is Selling a $298 Denim Jacket with Fake Metal Band Patches on It


Diesel Denim Jacket MetalH&M isn’t the only major clothing chain currently trying to cash in on metal fashion’s resurgence in popular culture: Italian clothing company Diesel, purveyors of $250 jeans, is now joining the party.

MetalSucks reader Drew tipped us off to the existence of this denim jacket, an artificially distressed, black jeans jacket with cutoff sleeves that features similarly distressed patches by “bands” like State of Reak and Death Trash alongside those with phrases that the designers probably thought “sounded metal,” like “Diesel Industry,” “Adult Dolls Available” and “Go Wild Anywhere.” Because, as we all know, metalheads are all about strippers and love to go wild.

The jacket — which is 70% Cotton, 26% Polyester and 4% Elastane-Spandex — can be yours for the low, low price of just $298! Totally metal! TOTALLY has the same ethos as that Bathory backpatch you sewed onto your own jacket.

And if you’re feeling REALLY metal, you can buy the matching pants — complete with the exact same patches — for only $348! What a bargain!

Mercifully, unlike with H&M, no one has created music by State of Reak and Death Trash to go along with this jacket… yet.

Diesel Metal Pants

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