Scott Stapp Says He Has Bipolar Disorder


Hey guys! So remember last year when Scott Stapp went totally crazy and we were all like LOLOLOLOLOL? Well it turns out Stapp has a totally legit reason for acting like such a nut: he has bipolar disorder.

Stapp revealed his illness in a new interview with People:

“After hitting rock bottom, Stapp began an intensive program in a dual diagnostic facility. It was there that he received a surprising diagnosis: He was struggling with bipolar disorder, a condition that causes unexpected shifts in mood, energy and activity levels.”

And they included the below photo of Stapp, which illustrates how totally serious and full of feelings he is, because he’s holding a large book (probably The Bible), which is the universal sign for “Guys, I am totally serious and full of feelings.”scott stapp has a bookAnd I know this means we should lay off Stapp, because bipolar disorder is a really horrible affliction — if you’ve ever had a family member or friend who struggles with it and you’ve seen a breakdown up close, you know what a nightmare Stapp has been through.

But I am going to keep making fun of Scott Stapp. A little bit because bipolar disorder doesn’t explain away his decision to help create the music of Creed, but mostly because he beat his wife and tried to hit her with a glass bottle. I know I bring that up, like, every time I write about Stapp, but it seems, y’know, relevant when discussing his behavior.

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