Godzilla In Hell: Maybe The Most Metal Comic Book Of All Time


“Metal” as an adjective is somewhat overused these days. People who aren’t terribly metal like busting it out to ironically describe things like airbrushed vans and extremely large burgers. But sometimes, a thing is undeniably metal. Its very existence exudes all the overkill of the music we so love.

Well, today, the AV Club debuted a series of pages from IDW’s upcoming comic book Godzilla In Hell, and sweet Jesus on stilts, I’m not sure there’s anything more metal than this idea.

I know I’m a total nerd for jizzing my pants over this, but who cares? If the following image doesn’t make you grin diabolically, you’ve got no soul:

Godzilla In Hell: Maybe The Most Metal Comic Book Of All Time

Wow. So. That’s Satan commanding King Ghidorah to attack Godzilla as he destroys the City of Dis. Holy shit, looking at this is better than doing cocaine.

What’s not only awesome about the King of the Monsters destroying the Worst Place On Earth is the comic book’s depiction of Hell. They don’t make it some prehistoric landscape, or some What Dreams May Come-style depressive mindscape, or any sort of artsy interpretation of Hell. Look at the Devil in this illustration — straight Baphomet. This is some epic biblical shit, a whirling vortex of tortured souls, vicious demons, and roaring unholy fire. And there, in the middle of it all, is Godzilla, destroying the afterlife with radioactive fire. Sign me up.

The first issue drops July 15th. Seeing as any metalhead worth his salt loves the Devil, comic books, and giant monsters (see Slayer, Anthrax, and Metallica for reference), this is a must-read.

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