Check Out These Still Photos From Rob Zombie’s 31


You might not know this, but Rob Zombie isn’t just a purveyor of fine pinball machines, he’s also a filmmaker. Last year, he launched a crowdfunding campaign to make 31, a movie that appears to be about a team of psychotic clowns and Cobra Kai disciples kidnapping and no doubt torturing a bunch of young people and maybe Rob’s wife.

Well, those who gave their hard-earned money to 31 (this blogger included) should be overjoyed to see a series of new stills from the film. Check them out:

























Zombie included some commentary with the pics:

“Yet another shot from 31 featuring Father Murder (Malcolm McDowell) and Sister Serpent ( Jane Carr) during a rather calm moment in their secret 31 hideaway. The naughty bits have been censored for your protection, ha ha.”

Eeenteresting. On the one hand, these shots are super Halloween-ed out and feature Sheri Moon Zombie covered in blood, so it seems like Rob’s on the right track. On the other, the gothic Fearless Vampire Killers vibe strays a little too close to that of The Lords of Salem, the self-indulgent box office bomb that made Zombie swear off horror for a bit.

As a Zombie devotee and a Halloween nut, I’m really hoping 31 is good. It would be an awesome return to form for Rob, and would give him some studio leeway on his upcoming Last Days of Groucho Marx biopic. I recently rewatched The House of 1,000 Corpses and found it fantastic. Let’s pray this does well.

31 is currently scheduled to come out in 2016, most likely around Halloween.

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