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Former AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Arrested, Yet Again

Photo credit: Radio New Zealand/Natalie Mankelow
Photo credit: Radio New Zealand/Natalie Mankelow

“The Ballad of Phil Rudd” goes a little something like this: former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was arrested for trying to have two people murdered. He plead guilty to that and drug possession, though he was also arrested again for a public brawl. But Phil was super sorry, and ended up only having to serve eight months of home detention for this crimes. Poor Phil.

Except now Loudwire’s reporting that Phil was arrested again at his home in New Zealand this Saturday. This time, it was for possessing and consuming alcohol — a violation of his home detention — and having prostitutes over. The dude should be appearing in court today.

We’d love to be supportive of Phil, but this dude is apparently a professional fuck-up. Getting eight months home detention for drug possession and death threats is a friggin’ godsend; if a random dude who wasn’t a member of a huge rock band did that, they’d be rotting in prison getting fondled by their cell mate. Instead, this dude wins the sentencing lottery and decides to fuck it all up because he couldn’t take some time off from drinking. Come on.

We’ll let you know what happens to Phil as it comes out.

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