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Let Us “Prey” for F*ck the Facts

Photo Credit: Dave Levitt
Photo Credit: Dave Levitt

One great thing about Fuck the Facts is that their songs are real roller coaster rides with ups and downs and twists and turns. This is a big contrast from a lot of grind bands, whose tunes tend to be very short, plateau-like bursts. They’re obviously plenty of room for that kinda thing in the world, but it’s also cool to have stuff that’s a little meatier.

Fuck the Facts’ “Prey” perfectly illustrates the band’s skill at creating peaks and valleys. In under two-and-half minutes, the song is by turns doomy, grindy, elephants marchingy, melancholy, and batshit crazy. And it’s all killer, no filler! How can you not love this band???

Check out “Prey” below. It will appear on Fuck the Facts’ new album, Desire Will Rot, which comes out August 25 on Noise Salvation. Digital pre-orders are just four bucks, and come with an immediate download of the song “Solitude.” You can also pre-order physical copies here. Fuck the Facts kick off a North American tour in late August; get dates here and here.

[via Metal Underground]

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