Here’s a New Belphegor Song to Nail Your Friday to a Cross


Man, what a cool band Belphegor are. It’s good to know that when the world gets you down and everyone’s trying to feed you some doe-eyed post-rock bullshit, there’s a spike-covered BDSM-loving goat-riding melodic blackened death metal band in Austria who are ready to tell you a story about gasmasks, corpses, and the Devil.

In anticipation of their US tour with Kataklysm that kicks off tomorrow, the band has released a new track online, “Totenkult – Exegesis of Deterioration.” You can hear it below via footage of the band rehearsing the new song. And though you get to see the guys in hoodies and jeans as opposed to full leather war gear, the track still has that grinding, infectious power that makes Belphegor one of the most entertaining bands in their genre.

Check out the new song below, which will be on the band’s new record, due out late 2016. If you want the full visual feast, check out their latest video for “Black Winged Torment.” And be sure to catch one of the upcoming shows–these guys slay live.

Kataklysm / Belphegor 2015 Tour

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