Set Sail On Mirror’s “Galleon”


Too often, bands trying to play “classic” or “retro” metal–metal that was born and perfected ages ago–over-rely on doom techniques to fill in the cracks. That way, you can have soaring vocals and old-school tropes, but you only have to play a few recycled Sabbath riffs to show how in touch you are with metal’s fundamentals. And the result is usually super, super boooring. There are the occasional gems, but even they can get tiresome; I dig on that new Crypt Sermon, but I can’t listen to it on repeat.

But what’s great about this latest track by Mirror, the new occult metal band featuring members of Repulsion and Satan’s Wrath, is that it’s never lazy or repetitive. “Galleon” is fast, dynamic, and over the top, all while managing to hit every classic metal trope that I could ever wish for. The guitars create a whirlwind of dramatic atmosphere. Vocalist Jimmy Mavromatis isn’t just doing a Bruce Dickinson or Lips Kudlow impression, he’s going totally nuts. While so many other bands are bringing all the scattered pieces of classic metal, they rarely have the energy that fueled those incredible artists. Mirror sound pumped up and ready to slay.

Listen to “Galleon” below. The band’s debut album drops on November 13th via Metal Blade. You can preorder it, and listen to another delicious track, here.

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