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Synthwave Sunday Exclusive Premiere: VHS Glitch, Halloween Strangers


VHS Glitch - Halloween StrangersSynthwave Sunday alum VHS Glitch is all about creating an elaborate backstory for every release, and his newest — Halloween Strangers, which comes out today! — is no exception. As always, Glitch paints a vivid picture of what inspired the album — or at least just a kooky approximation of what listening to it might make you feel — and this one’s extremely appropriate given the spooky nature of this autumn season:

Since the age of 6 the three Bundy brothers used to ask for candies door to door every Halloween like other children their age. But the neighbors always ignored them and didn’t give them any candy, pissed off by the negative attitude of their alcoholic parents.

At the age of 17 the triplets, tired of being ignored and mistreated by their neighbors for years, decided to execute vengeance on the day on which they felt most miserable throughout the year: Halloween.

There is no more Trick or Treat; now the only options are escape or die.


Fucking perfect, right??

Listen to the hard-slicing synths on “Chainsaw Slasher” and you feel as if they might rip straight through your torso creating a bloody mess. Speaking of bloody, the haunted piano plinks of “Bloody Atmosphere” evoke the eery, quiet scene of the crime right after the murder, while the hard-charging beat of “Escape or Die” might follow the perpetrator on the run. If you’re looking for an album to jam out to this Halloween that perfectly nails the vibe of the dwindling daylight and haunted vibes, look no further: Halloween Strangers is it.

Halloween Strangers is out now; stream it below or purchase it on Bandcamp.

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