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Buckethead Has Been Releasing One Album a Day for This Whole Month


Buckethead - 2002

If you look up the word “prolific” in the dictionary, do you know what you’ll find?

buckethead prolificWhich ain’t no shit: since 1992, Buckethead has released 233 solo full-length solo albums, roughly ten albums a year on average. And that’s not even counting the recording he’s done with various bands and artists, which brings the number closer to 300. And that‘s not even counting guest appearances, demos, EPs, and contributions to assorted film and video game soundtracks. I have no idea how he’s kept up this pace, especially as he’s gotten older (he’s forty-six now), other than it’s just because he’s a friggin’ next-level genius.

So how has this brilliant musician who apparently never sleeps spent his month of October? By unveiling a Countdown to Halloween series of EPs, of which there are thirty-one. Yes, your math is correct: Buckethead has released a new EP every day this month.

Unsurprisingly, the EPs seem to lean towards the experimental, moody, ambient side of the diverse virtuoso’s work; if you’re hoping for something a little more rocking, like the material from Giant Robot or Enter the Chicken, you’ll probably be disappointed. Everyone else: mazel tov, you now have a FUCKTON of new Buckethead music to explore.

All of the albums released thus far are on Buckethead’s Bandcamp page, with the others to be added in the coming days (in case you couldn’t figure that out). Enjoy.

[via Metal Injection]

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