Destruction Frontman Calls Out “Overrated American Band” For Canceling European Tour


It appears Destruction frontman Schmier doesn’t think much of a certain “overrated American band” for canceling their European tour dates due to “security reasons.” Ho boy.

According to Blabbermouth, Schmier vented on his Facebook (the post appears to be taken down, let us know if you have a screenshot), saying, “A nice way the let fear win over freedom.” When a fan commented that it might have been said band’s label, Schmier responded, “I don t think so. Labels have NOTHING to do with concerts!”

So, we all know he’s talking about Lamb of God, right? Who recently left their European tour with Children of Bodom due to “security reasons”, which roughly translates into, “After Paris, we don’t want to fuck around.”

Thing is, I can’t blame Lamb of God for leaving that tour. Those dudes were far from home, the tragedy in Paris exploded out of nowhere, and they’re only beginning to get over their last European fiasco. If I were in Lamb of God, I’d have voted to head home early too. I’d want to be with my family.

But does Schmier have a point? After all, Lamb of God certainly preach fearlessness in the face of adversity. Meanwhile, Destruction are ostensibly continuing their own tour, and have braved some pretty shitty circumstances of late. But with Schmier calling Lamb of God overrated, it feels like there’s something more going on here. Maybe there’s been beef brewing between them this whole time of which we weren’t aware.

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