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Lemmy’s Memorial Will Take Up the Entire Sunset Strip



Earlier this week, it was announced that the Rainbow Bar and Grill would be holding a twelve-hour memorial this Saturday in honor of Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, the frontman of Motörhead, who made the bar his second home.

But it appears that the Rainbow underestimate just how much Lemmy meant to people, because Metal Insider reports that, due to the overwhelming response the club has received, Lemmy’s memorial will actually take up the entire Sunset Strip.

The Rainbow posted the following to their Facebook page:

That’s right–this Saturday, the entire Sunset Strip will be one giant Lemmy memorial service. Expect torrential downpours of Jack Daniels and good-natured tears, along with thunderous blasts of Motörhead.

Any metalhead worth his salt knew from the get-go that the Rainbow wouldn’t be big enough to contain the crowds that would show up to honor Kilmister this weekend. But the fact that both the Whiskey AND the Roxy joined in on the fun is too cool for words. Thank Lemmy Himself that these establishments know to honor the greatest rock and roller who ever existed in the way he would want them to–by planning one Hell of a Saturday.

So: who’s going?! My reasonable adult tendencies tell me to save my money and honor Lemmy in my own way at home, but the Motörhead fan in me wants to drop all my weekend plans, buy an overpriced plane ticket, and blast through the strip. Fuck it- – live to win. If I go, will I see any of you there? Let us know in the Comments section!

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