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This Video Trailer for Dream Theater’s The Astonishing is So Cheesy/Awesome


Dream Theater - The AstonishingAre any other Dream Theater fans out there as amped for The Astonishing as I am? Double-disc concept album! Characters! Maps! The resistance vs. the establishment! Music as a weapon to save the people! So much nerdery in one place!! Agggghhh I can’t stand it!

The video trailer for the album that DT released today hasn’t done anything to tamp my gigantic dork-boner for it. It’s cheesy as hell — down to the CGI animations of the story’s characters — but that’s exactly the way it should be. I wouldn’t expect any less and, honestly, seeing this trailer makes me even more confident that The Astonishing is going to be Dream Theater’s best album in some time. The fact that SO MUCH THOUGHT went into this thing — John Petrucci said as much in a recent interview — means that it’s gonna kick butt, because thought is precisely what’s been missing from Dream Theater these past few releases; it felt like they were coasting for a bit there.

Check out the trailer below. The Astonishing comes out on January 29th. Get dates to see the album performed in full on tour here: North America and Europe.

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