Red Fang to Enter the Studio with… Ross Robinson?


Portland stoner rockers Red Fang have always been willing to do things their peers might not, whether it’s covering a track from Fraggle Rock or turning an Elvis ballad into a soul-rending despair anthem. But this time they might have gone too far. The band has announced that they’re heading to the studio in February to record a follow-up to 2013’s Whales & Leeches… with Ross Robinson.

Oh, right, it’s 2016. So, for those of you who might not know or have blocked the trauma from your brain, Ross Robinson was the producer who pretty much defined nu-metal. He produced the first two Korn albums, Limp Bizkit’s debut, the first two Slipknot albums, Sepultura’s Roots, Machine Head’s The Burning Red, and Vanilla Ice’s rap metal record.

To be fair, Robinson has also done albums by bands like Wild Throne since then, and we barely avoided him producing a Behemoth album, so his repertoire has broadened somewhat. But still, this is one hell of a move by both Red Fang and Robinson.

But the band seems pretty stoked, at least according to drummer John Sherman, who said the following:

“I’ve never been more excited about making a record in my life. The writing process for this album has been super fun and full of energy and good vibes.  And the opportunity to work with Ross Robinson is so crazy – I’ve got goose bumps just talking about it!!”
Robsinson, meanwhile, said the following:
“Red Fang is the extreme mix of cool, wisdom, fire, life dedication and taste. I’m stoked to see who they are at the deepest level on tape; anyone touched by Red Fang swim in coolness, they are true messengers of inspiration.”
Well, that certainly reads like copy from an ad for UFOs from 1999. I wonder how much of their music he’s really listened to.
We’ll be interested to see whether Red Fang and Robinson’s working together is a success, or if it just results in a track featuring Tarrie B. rapping.
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