Discharge Announce New Album



I was never a massive Discharge fan, but every punk rocker, grindcore kid, and D-beat nut I know fucking worships Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (in fact, D-beat’s naming traditions are a direct tribute to Discharge). So old-school fans will be excited to learn that the band is releasing a new album titled End of Days this April.

Or will they? I assume so, given how pivotal the band was to the hardcore and grind scene, but if I remember correctly the band kind of screwed the pooch with Grave New World, when they went in a more glam metal direction. But maybe they’re channeling only their better moments after their last two albums, the 2002 self-titled record and the 2008 Disensitise record. Let us know in the comments–are you excited for a new Discharge album?

Anyway, End of Days comes out April 29th on Nuclear Blast. The band will be playing at MDF 2016, so even if you’re not hot on that you can watch them rage live.


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