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Success! Macy’s Returns Metalhead’s Vest


Last week, we reported on Meshach “Attack” Babcöck, whose metal vest (or ‘battle jacket’ or ‘kutte’ if you’re one of us) was stolen from his band’s first show and resurfaced three years later at the Macy’s in New York’s Herald Square. Babcöck was started to pressure Macy’s into doing what was right and returning the sacred metal clothing article.

Well, it looks like the universe isn’t always an unforgiving abyss, as Babcöck has gotten his vest back. The Facebook page has been renamed, with ‘VEST HAS BEEN RETURNED’ added to the end of its title, and Babcöck has posted the following pictures of him in his long-lost vest:

vestreturned1 vestreturned2

Before we go any further, I have to mention something very important: what a rad vest! Dio, Dark Angel, Cemetery Lust, Rigor Mortis…f ucking killer! No wonder he wanted it back so badly!

Anyway, the Guardian wrote about how Babcöck and his vest came together once more — and how it happened to coincide with his band, Maniak, getting back together!

Babcock has been negotiating with Macy’s to get the vest back, and said the store is requiring him to prove he is the owner by sending them pictures of himself and the vest.

“Basically, I just told them all the patches that were on the back – that was a clear indication because there’s no pictures [of the back] online,” he said.

Ryan Lally, a spokesman for Ralph Lauren, told the Guardian that once Ralph Lauren’s creative team – which purchased the vest through a third party – and Macy’s became aware of Babcock’s claims, they agreed to give it back to him.

“The jacket was taken down already last week and it will be sent back to him,” Lally said.


The return of the vest coincides with a reunion of Babcock’s band. Ginez called Babcock about the photograph on 6 Febuary, the day after Maniak had its first practice following a year-long hiatus.

“It’s kind of funny – our first show, my vest goes missing and years later we decide to get back together and it resurfaces,” Babcock said.

 Like a motherfucking fairy tale.

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