Powerman 5000’s Spider One Finding New and Innovative Ways to be Terrible with New Rap/Electronica Project Dead as Punk

  • Axl Rosenberg

“You didn’t know that I was still around? I didn’t know you existed in the first fuckin’ place!” So begins “A Private Little War,” the new single from Dead as Punk, a decidedly non-punk project featuring Powerman 5000 vocalist (and Rob Zombie sibling/humiliator) Spider One. Which is a weird sentiment that you sometimes hear also-rans use: that it’s better to have been famous for a short while, even if you’re famous for doing something really dumb, than never to have been famous at all.

It’s hard to get behind a value system that favors Omarosa over, say, a public school teacher, and harder still when you hear the music. If the phrase “Guy from old nu-metal band rapping” makes you think “Ooh, I bet that’s funny!”, well… you’re right!

You can check a big public laugh courtesy of “A Private Little War” below… but I actually think the band’s last single, “Thrown to the Wolvez,” is funnier. It’s kinda like the video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” if the video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” were made for five dollars on an iPhone by a pre-schooler doing community service for drunk driving. You can watch that comedy masterpiece below, too.

[via The PRP]

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