Watch Lars Ulrich’s UC Berkley Panel Get Interrupted by Student Protesters


Last month, we found out that Lars Ulrich would host a night at UC Berkley, where he would be joined by his dad Torben, James Hetfield, Les Claypool, and more to discuss being an artist in the Bay Area. We made a lot of fun of it.

Well, footage has now been released from that night showing that it was interrupted by student protesters, and things got a little ugly. No one got the shit kicked out of them, but one dude definitely goes down hard. The result was one arrest and several citations. You can see it in the first video below.

What’s especially problematic, though, is that it’s not clear what’s being protested. According to Dailycal.org, the protestors were from a group called the Student Labor Committee, and were just trying to disrupt the event to, I don’t know, bring awareness to their cause? As you’ll see, they yell a lot of revolutionary-sounding bullshit and then go off on how they’re being hurt by security guards, but there’s no point to it all. There’s no sign reading ‘Black Lives Matter’ or ‘Fur Is Murder’ — it’s just chaos masked as protest.

What’s especially fucked up is that, overhearing that this group was planning on disrupting the event, Lars began the night by giving the mic to anyone who wanted to say something. So these guys had a chance to speak their minds and promote their agenda peacefully. But that’s obviously not what the SLC wants — they’re all about the bum-rush and the insanity that ensues afterwards. And after Dimebag Darrell and Randy Blythe — overused references, maybe, but important ones — you can’t expect to just rush a high-profile musician and expect them to be blasé about it.

Anyway, watch the footage below and let me know what it sounds like they’re protesting. My guess? Load and Reload.

[via The PRP]

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