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Mortician Logo Ripped Off by High-End Fashion Designers


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The fashion industry loves to bite off metal imagery because of how genuine and provocative it is, even if they don’t understand the genre in the slightest. For example, H&M thought it would be cool to invent fake black metal bands, while Kanye West likes to ape metal logos and wear “metal” sweatpants. Man, if only these so-called artists could come up with any cool designs of their own.

The latest is Japanese fashion company Avalone, whose latest Winter/Fall collection includes a sweatshirt featuring a blatant ripoff of the logo of gore metal stalwarts Mortician, apparently without asking permission.

Plus, look at the tr00 asshole they got to model it:


Nice drawstring, douche.

Mortician guitarist Roger Beaujard is being a sport about it, though he’s made it clear in his statement that he might still sue Avalone:

“Do I think it’s ridiculous? Yes I do. Am I fuming mad? Not really. It’s kinda funny. Am I considering a lawsuit? Maybe. Probably not. Do I think this hurts our brand? Hard to tell. Am I concerned that some douche bag spoiled rich millennial kid is ‘pretending’ to be ‘tough’ by wearing a cheap rip off of our logo on his overpriced rags masquerading as fashion? Not really.”

I think Beaujard cuts to the core of this issue. At a certain point, who cares if people are out there wearing, or ripping off, the logos of bands they know nothing about? They’re posers, we’re not, end of story. But when these companies and designers do so without asking a band’s permission — when they actively give the middle finger to the musicians they’re so shamelessly fellating — then they’re making it clear that they don’t really give a fuck about metal and the people who create it. And that’s fucked up.

Anyway, anyone who spends a dime on that Avalortician shirt is a dumbass tool. Go here to buy some actual Mortician merch.

[via Metal Insider]

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