Former Rotting Out Vocalist Arrested with 70lbs of Marijuana


Remember hardcore punk band Rotting Out? We did that piece about their powerlifting video with Decibel? They had a lot of promise two years ago, only to break up last year. Which was a shame. They were cool.

Now, it seems vocalist Walter Delgado is in some hot water. He and Anthony Jochum of the band Search Bloc were pulled over in Ohio for following another vehicle too closely, and when a canine unit freaked out the cops searched their van. Inside, they found 70lbs of marijuana and 1,000 hash oil jars, apparently hidden in hollowed-out speakers.

The weed valued at about $350,000. The cops also found $7,569 in cash in the van. Here’s a picture of the find courtesy of the Ohio State Highway Patrol:


Damn, son. That’s a lot of weed.

Delgado and Jochum were both charged with criminal possession and trafficking of marijuana, with possession of criminal tools on top of that.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that MetalSucks is a fan of marijuana legalization, and therefore does not see the big deal with slinging weed. As someone who lives in Denver, I’ve seen weed bring plenty more people together than it has driven them to degeneracy. If the band was found with this much in heroin, well, that’d be another story.

That said, this is a shitload of herb to be driving around with, so it’s not as though we can argue that Delgado and Jochum are being unfairly arrested by hippie-hating cops for a negligible amount. Ohio isn’t exactly the crunchiest state, either.

Anyway, we send Delgado and Jochum all our best and hope they don’t do any time for this.

[via The PRP]

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